Wish there were more firms doing this

Wish there were more firms doing this, Burgum said, we have to turn down a lot of great opportunities just because we don have the bandwidth. Tobkin says the firm looks for companies with and leadership and all that kind of stuff but is especially keen on IT companies. That not to say a startup outside that sector is out of the question, but the firm prefers to stick to what it knows information technology, life sciences and clean technology..

Antonio Neves: Who wouldn say yes to spending a few days in Des Moines, Iowa in October? Thinc Iowa was attractive to me solely because of the amazing experience at Big Omaha. But most importantly because of Silicon Prairie News and that team. They could ask me to mow their lawn and I would say yes.

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Lot of the older Iron Rangers players I talked to recently are still very proud of their teams of the past and their play, and would like the team name to die with them, he said. Good with that, and we respect that as a team. Their team was theirs, and we ready to build ours.

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Mastery of gospel music requires practice, discipline, and deep appreciation for its spirituality.”It soul music and it just feeds the soul,” observed singer Scott Meltzer of San Rafael.”People feel that and can identify with that.”Meltzer was one of the first to join, shortly after the choir was launched in 1979 by the late music professor Helen Stephens, who taught gospel at Dominican College and College of Marin.He says Stephens had to persuade black churches to give the group a listen.”She say them a chance, if they not any good, fine, but give them a chance, he recalled, “and after that word got out and it was smooth sailing.”Friday evening, the forty member choir was rehearsing its annual holiday show which will be held this Sunday Dec 4, at 7 pm at the First Presbyterian Church in San Rafael.”There something that falls away when people sing together, ” enthused member Taylor Ray, who joined the choir two years ago.She has noticed how individual personalities, and differences between people fall away with the power of the music.She delights in how the predominantly Caucasian group still encounters skepticism.”We show up, and people look at us and say are you doing here? and then we sing,” Ray told KTVU.”And then they say that what you doing here! It a beautiful way to commune with people.”Gospel themes touch on experiences universal to all people.”It about your sorrow and feeling lost, and not having things go your way. And it about being blessed and being grateful. All the essential ingredients of being human,” observed Ray.Choir director Redic believes there never been a better time for what his group represents.”There a lot of division going on in our country right now,” he noted, “and we can live together, like we have all these years, but we can do it all the better if we tap into this thing called love.”.

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