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prescription sunglasses glasses medical benefits health fund If you are a member of a Health Fund you may be able to claim an optical benefit for the eyewear you purchased from Vision direct and Discounttalk

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prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses and which medical benefits health fund you can claim with – find out more with vision direct

With Visiondirect, not only do you have a choice of presription sunglasses that you can claim at your medical benefits health fund, but you have a range of designer fashion brands available as well great service. Simply grab your prescription, order online and then claim with your medical benefits health fund now – click on the banner above.

Click on the banner above to order prescription glasses  or prescription sunglasses and claim on your medical benefits health fund online from Visiondirect – How do you order Prescriptions glasses online with Vision direct ?

  • Obtain a prescription from your optician (ask for your Pupil Distance (PD) ).
  • Select your lense and frame online, and follow the instruction to fill out.
  • Get new prescription glasses delivered


Vision direct can offer you bifocal glasses, multifocal glasses, computer glasses, prescription sunglasses and lenses. With unbeatable prices on designer eyewear, prescription lens services on all frames and many sunglasses, and over 80,000 models available, Vision Direct offers Australian consumers an extremely comprehensive and inexpensive alternative for purchasing eyewear online.

Check through us if you are a member of the following medical benefits health funds so you can obtain prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses- Check out the following Medical benefits health fund below:

– Australia Unity
– Australian Health Management
– Bupa Australia
– CBHS Health Fund
– CUA Health
– Defence Health
– GU Health
– HBA Health Insurance
– Latrobe Health Services
– Manchester Unity
– Medibank Private
– Mutual Community
– NRMA Health Insurance
– Peoplecare Health Insurance
– Police Health
– Queensland Country Health
– rthealth Fund
– Teachers Federation Health
– Westfund

prescription glasses

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