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Romeo Recupido, professional hairdresser and stylist trained in the best salons in France, Italy and Barcelona now takes his profession on the road for Sydneysiders to enjoy at home.


Romeo Recupido was born in France and completed his apprenticeship in the salons of France, Milan Italy and Barcelona before migrating to83590912 Australia. The salons that Romeo worked for include M and M in France and Mathieu in Strasbourg . His clients included the Royal family in Denmark, various models from Harpers Bazaar, Lisa Ho, Alexander Perry and is contracted out regularly during Sydney fashion week.

Romeo offers a personal service for discounttalk fans and for Sydneysiders. For a designer style,  Romeo will designt that special style you are looking for. Romeo is very flexible with time but contact Romeo as soon as possible to make sure he is available for you,  due to a waiting list of current clients and other bridal party occasions.

Specialising in hair design to compliment every occasion, Romeo will help you with Bridal Party planning, and modern fashion and styles for Christenings, Photo Shoots for every other occasion. Romeo is dedicated to making clients look their best. Pre-Event consultations are a standard courtesy offered free of charge to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Romeo who has a Passion for Colour and Styling, will also help with hairdressing for concierge services, image consultants, and will come out to nursing homes and other aged care facilities, hospitals and hotels in sydney.



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