Backyard garden sheds home delivered

Australia, get ready for the spring and summer with backyard garden sheds home delivered – to your door. But these beauties aren’t just home delivered. They are Australian made, by an all Australian made company, and offering you and incredible warranty that will ensure that you will probably be retired by the time you have to call them and make an enquiry about your “man cave”……

Absco Delivered

But there are some things you’ll probably want to know about your shed before you go out there and buy one. Here are a couple of items you may need and want to know:garden sheds

How do I put it together?  Well with Absco, the shed comes with a snaptite assembly system. This means that instead of fiddling around with nuts and bolts, you put the walls up and it snaps into place. No need for hammers or screwdrivers and this also means a reduced chance of an injury when you accidentally hit your thunb when you are trying to hammer something into place 🙂

I live in Queensland where we get cyclones in the summer, is it going to hole up ok?  Well these sheds are tested to hold firm for up to 147 km/h gusts of winds, so it is guarenteed to hold up to that sort of pressure.

What sort of material is it made from?  Well the good news is that it is made from good o’l fashioned Australian Blue scope steel. Considering it is made by an all Australian owned and serviced company, they only want to deal with Aussie materials, so you are guarenteed that if you ever need parts or service from Absco you wont have any issues getting it delivered to you’re front door.

How strong are these garden sheds?– The walls are a galvanised steel, so they are built to last! and as they come with a 20 year guarentee, I dont think you are going to have any problems with them. And because they are galvanised they won’t rust.

What colours do they come in? Because the steel is blue scope steel there is a colour selection chart available where you can have a look at the colours and decide which one will best suit your garden.

As you are looking at getting your garden ready for spring and summer, then you should seriously consider having a look at Absco, not just for the quality but you are also looking at supporting Australian jobs. That in itself is a good enough reason to click on the link!


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