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‘india’s position crucial’ on zimbabwe

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fake ray ban sunglasses SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileOf the two risks Canada faces from radiation due to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, one is under control the risk of eating food from Japan contaminated by radiation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.This is because Canada hasn’t imported any Japanese food since the March 11 disaster. Also, Canada’s food imports from Japan have always been rather small, about.03 per cent of our total food imports, which comes to about $42.6 million a year.The big question today is what damage can radiation from Japan drifting across the Pacific Ocean to British Columbia do to our food, whether grown, hauled from the water or raised on the hoof?The scientific answer is that it’s too soon to know, that it will take most of a week to determine if there are dangers from any radiation unleashed at the Fukushima power plant.”We clearly see from the data we have there is on the order of seven days between the releases of Fukushima and the radiation reaching us here,” said Simon Fraser University scientist Kris Starosta, speaking on Tuesday of this week.”We can monitor the situation in fake ray bans Japan and know ahead of time of any release, and we’ll have our window to react and prepare for that.”Dangers of iodine 131, cesium 137David Walter Toews, professor of population medicine at the University of Guelph he is also president of Veterinarians Without Borders says the radiation risks from Fukushima appear in the form of iodine 131 and cesium 137. It can be dangerous, especially for children, because it mimics iodine in the body and at dangerous levels can lead to thyroid cancer.Forester Andreas Thiermeyer checks the radioactivity level of wild boar meat with a Geiger counter near Munich, Germany fake ray ban sunglasses.

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