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The aim  of this website is to bring you the highest quality Australian native herbs and spices. Each packet has a suggested use with a tried and tested recipe. We would like to introduce the wonderful flavours of the Australian bush into everyday use and to show how they compliment the diverse range of cuisine available to us all. Australian native flavours are an excellent companion to many of the international foods that have become part of our daily lives.

Lemon Myrtle blends beautifully with Thai food bringing out the undertones of Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime. Dorrigo Pepper and Tasmanian Mt. Pepper give an extra dimension to the hot and spicy food of South America, while Wattleseed, Cinnamon Myrtle and Aniseed Myrtle are reminiscent of the warm flavours of German, Italian and French food.

These exciting herbs and spices can give an endless variety of tastes to our cooking and with a little experimentation, wonderful recipes can be achieved. A Taste Of The Bush is Australian owned and run by Jill and Dennis Richardson

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